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whichlawnmowerOk you're here with that big question - Which lawn mower is going to do the job, how long will it give me hassle free service and of course, how much will it cost me?

All of the above are excellent questions and asked by tens of thousands of home owners and gardening enthusiasts the world over every month.

At MowerMan we have a fine selection of great quality products that are backed by local businesses with an excellent track record right here in South Africa. Together with us they offer fantastic customer service, all round spares availability and really keen prices.

South Africans have been fortunate to have relatively inexpensive labour. Having said that, lawnmower maintenance and staff training have been somewhat lax.

This has often resulted in "poor performance" from certain brands not able to handle this type of abuse. Many years of research and practical trials later, we've established a collection of products that are better suited to the harsh conditions and mechanical demands that are placed on equipment in this part of the world. Products that aren't capable of dealing with these conditions have been discarded from our store.

Further to this, there is a need to make the decision for your garden care products based on the size of your garden, the topography, slopes and type of vegetation.

At MowerMan we've made it simple for you to choose products based on the category or on the size of your garden.

Please feel free to write to us if you would like help with your choice or simply call your nearest shop by selecting from the dealer listings here.

Look for dealers that stock and service products in your area. You don't want to be buying a product that isn't serviced and or supported as close to you as possible. Or you could simply make your purchase and when you've told the Cart where you want the products delivered, MowerMan will present you with a choice of who it is in your area that is available to you and who will supply you with your selection.

If you have any questions regarding a product, please call the dealer closest to you. In this way, you'll get expert advice and the opportunity to establish a relationship with the dealer that's going to service and maintain your equipment.


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